Mecha Economics and Long-term Planning on Sustainability

Mecha Principles

MECHA is a popular type of game that rewards players for their engagement and contribution to the game and the ecosystem.
MECHA has a 100% player-driven real money economy.
The developer will not sell any in-game items or maps except for a very small amount of resources invested in the early stage of the creation of the ecosystem. Instead, the focus will always be on the “player-driven economy” with a high level of autonomy and decentralization, allowing all players to discover and create real monetary value. If we regard the game as a country, its main source of income comes from the 4% tax generated by players’ independent transactions and the resource consumption of players during Mecha Creation. This part of revenues will be collected by the Central Treasury and reinvested in the development of the game ecology to ensure sustainability.
NFT inflation is a major factor within the game ecosystem
With Play-to-Earn as the core demand of players, ensuring the sustainable earnings of players is the premise for population growth. The population growth of the game world will accelerate the economic circulation in the marketplace, so as to provide continuous income for the Central Treasury and provide financial guarantee for the healthy development of the game. However, based on the current stats of Gamefi, earnings will grow for the first 6 months and start to decline anywhere between the 9th and 18th months. It all depends on whether the economic model of the game is reasonable. But the root cause for the shrinking earnings is the inflation driven by rapid growth of players in the Metaverse, which can somewhat be suppressed by proper burning mechanisms. However, the excessive and uninteresting burning mechanism may also push users away. So the balance between the three is the focus of our game design.

Content planning of MECHA

MECHA can be regarded as a real world. The developer set the basic rules for the genesis of the world, leaving the ecosystem development to all players. This development process will be similar to the growth trajectory of the real world. Therefore, the developer has made long-term version iteration planning for MECHA.
MECHA V1.1:King of Glory Launch: 2022.8
Individual development is the focus for this version, where players continuously enhance individual strength through PvE adventures, PvP battles, Mecha Creation, and Mecha Evolution to obtain exponential rewards and accumulate resources for the initial stage of the game world.
MECHA V1.2:Kingdom Wars Launch 2023
When the individual development reaches a certain stage, players will have higher expectations for community and interaction, instead of only focusing on themselves. In V1.2, basic rules for the creation and development of homestead and kingdom will be added, endowing all players with role attributes. Players can improve their exclusive role skills with resources initially accumulated, in order to better explore and obtain new resources for the construction of the kingdom. In this version, the race of development between individuals and kingdoms will accelerate the circulation of the resources accumulated by players in the marketplace, while a proper burning mechanism will be adopted to control the inflation and ensure the stability of the market value of resources.
MECHA V1.3:Parallel Spacetimes Launch 2024
Just like in the real world, when the global order reaches the balance and the development of science and technology hits a critical point, the exploration of the unknown will become the common goal of all mankind. It’s the same story with MECHA. In V1.3, the new metric of world prosperity will be the key to access different spacetimes. Players can discover and explore different clues from other worlds. In this version, players can enhance the world prosperity through world missions, or by creating completely new NFT resources. Through the collaboration and joint efforts, players will activate the mysterious Time Portal, leading them to the next stage of the current world, or a completely different universe in the MECHA Matrix.
Matrix: Economic sustainability of MECHA
Vertical: Civilization iteration of MECHA
At the beginning, the gameplay is mainly expanding the size of NFT collection through adventures and battles. But it’s not the best gaming dynamic in the long run. The developer has already planned three versions for MECHA, each representing a completely new stage of the game world. In the future, more brand-new content will be released to enrich the virtual civilization of MECHA, with the player-driven economy following through in a sound and orderly way. It is the ultimate goal of the development team to enhance the playability of the game, ensure the completeness of the civilization setting, and guarantee the sustainable and stable earnings of all players.
Horizontal: Metaverse Expansion of MECHA
As the very first game of its series, MECHA has been developed with high expectations. It brings a fantastic idea that players can develop the virtual world or even create a whole new universe. The developer will assist players to integrate all game worlds into the MECHA matrix, the genesis of a Metaverse, and continue to expand the scope. The player-driven economy will be adopted throughout all stages of the Metaverse, ensuring the value of resources in the hands of players is well iterated and inherited in the game world matrix. The inflation rate in every individual world will be subject to the Metaverse ecology, while infinite possibilities of development are still in place for each and every stable economic system.
Intersection between the Real and Virtual: MECHA from P2E to P2C
It’s always been the dream of the developing team to change the world with games. And MECHA will be the bridge connecting the virtual and the reality. The team has elevated the original concept of P2E to a higher level, allowing players to play games for the social good in the model of “P2E & P2C”. A decentralized charity system has been activated based on the original ecology. We’ve also launched the corresponding governance token for the management and development of MECHA Metaverse. With the governance token as the bridge connecting games and the decentralized charity, P2E and P2C will complement each other for an ecosystem of sustainable development. Everyone involved in the project or the game, be it the player or investor, will be a contributor for the social good, thus to facilitate games to better empower the world.

Layout of MECHA Metaverse

The development of MECHA Metaverse is inseparable from the support of investors and the joint efforts of all players. We are committed to establishing a corresponding economic system and ecological environment respectively for them. For investors, we will build a decentralized platform for governance token investment, new project incubation, staking and others. At the same time, we will reserve enough funds for the market value management of governance token, which will be supervised by a third-party authority. And the Central Treasury will be responsible for providing the required funds. For players, we will work with our partners to build an expandable and scalable game platform, a player community, and a third-party guild management system, etc. With these efforts, game population will continue to grow. The economic circulation will be accelerated based on a stable economic system, so as to ensure the robust growth of funds in the Central Treasury. The two ecosystems will be integrated in the game matrix to form a complete MECHA Metaverse.