Decentralized Charity

Token Amount
% of total supply
It will be unlocked gradually in 15 years, with 500,000 unlocked every quarter
Charity projects initiated by Matrix Vision will be gradually decentralized thanks to governance tokens.
In order to quickly put this ideal into action, Matrix Vision will actively start the development of charity projects. The team will look for the most trusted public welfare organization to reach a strategic partnership, and invest in the project with token distribution and 50% of advertising revenue in the future. All charity funds will be managed by professional institutions and finally confirmed by Matrix Vision. Financial disclosure will be supervised by all participants and governance token holders. Over time, the ownership of Matrix Vision is no longer centralized. The team will give a certain number of holders the right to make decisions on the fund use. This is a grand vision, and it takes time and efforts. We will start the process from a region-based pilot project and improve the process and system along the way. When everything gets perfect, we will extend the scope to all accessible areas of MECHA.