Road Map and Completed Milestones

Conservative Roadmap

Updated May 2022
2021.8: Concept and idea - Development begins
2021.10: Seed round completed, acquired $3 million investment
2022.3: Game official website online
2022.4: Marketing campaigns, press conference and gamefi promotion
2022.5: Product internal testing
2022.7: Airdrop closed beta
2022.8: Marketplace online and NFT IGO
2022.8: Private sale
2022.9: V1.1 King of Glory Alpha (Tactic Card Game)
2022.10: Ranked match
2022.11: Listed on mainstream exchanges and open for public sale
2022.12: Data migration to the Mooneen Chain
2023Q1: Start the development for decentralized charity
2023Q2: Complete the ecosystem
2023Q3: V1.2 Kingdom Wars launch
2024Q3: V1.3 Parallel Spacetimes launch