MECHA is developed by the Matrix Vision team, featuring both game development and marketing. There are 48 full-time employees in the team. And the marketing head office is located in Manila, the Philippines.

The founding team includes:

Arron.G - CEO

Arron is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and is leading Matrix Vision, Inc.
Arron has more than sixteen years of experience in the game industry, covering user market expansion, game marketing, game production and distribution, company management and other fields. Before founding Matrix Vision, he worked as CEO of a large online game company, and led a number of game projects and achieved success.

Kevin - CTO

Kevin has over 10 years of experience in game R&D and technical management. He has extensive knowledge of PC games, web games, mobile games, and GameFi. In the same year, he joined MUG development of China ITC's Internet Department to develop music games. At 2012, he leads technical team of NetEase for mobile game development. At 2017, He started his research on blockchain-based payment system and has preliminary conception of blockchain-baseds game. Since 2018, Kevin joined and lead Matrix Vision technical team. shifting the technology of the company from traditional game to blockchain-based game.

Cornor - Chief Game Designer

Working in the game industry for more than 15 years, Connor enjoys a solid background in game design. He has more than 20 development experience in making client games, web games and mobile games, he has accumulated rich experiences in Research and Development operations. The monthly turnover of his main products exceeds 300 million, and the annual turnover exceeds 2 billion. His team pays particular attention to the durability of the products. Some of the products have been operating for more than ten years while maintaining high income.

Raven.G - CMO

At the end of 2016, a friend of Raven introduced him the blockchain technology, which largely inspired him. He started to research on blockchain-based games with his friends at the end of 2018 as he believes it will be the future of the network technology.
Raven is a result-oriented digital marketing professional. He has rich experience in brand design and digital marketing campaigns. He has also made great achievements in the management and development of high-value customers.