Decentralization and Blockchain

We chose Polygon chain because there are more and more developers building projects on the platform. The biggest advantage of Polygon is that has a lot of potential use-cases, and it is built to scale as user volume increases, which means that in theory it can be used for mass adoption.
Polygon allow 65k transactions per second, and theoretically capable of millions of transactions per second. Block confirmations are every 2 seconds or less, meaning transacting can be done extremely quickly on the Polygon network.
Polygon has burst into the top 20 assets by market cap and is available on almost all major cryptocurrency exchanges, with daily trading volume in the multi-billions.
Security and Consensus In order to ensure security, a group of all-star partners from such fields as traditional gaming, crypto and NFT have been invited to become our network validators.
We believe that blockchain advocates a liberal value featuring decentralization, consensus, trust-free and free collaboration, which will be the law of order in the new world. Therefore, we have reached a consensus on strategic cooperation with our partners to share and jointly develop our projects, covering the co-construction of side chains and gamefi ecology, technical R&D, blockchain technology sharing, and security supervision. Our partners include exchanges, game makers, game guilds, media, authoritative auditors and information agencies.